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Folding Windshields

Although a folding Polaris RZR 4 windshield isn't always the answer, for an all-season UTV windshield that is practical and pragmatic, folding RZR 4 windshields are a popular choice. If you plan on riding year-round, you'll find that the outside heat in the summer, as well as the heat from behind your seat, can get a bit hot at times. And aside from UTV air conditioning systems, open windshields and doors are the best way to handle the heat. When riding ahead of your friends in the heat of summer, you can open your foldable windshield to cool down. Then, when it's time for someone else to take the lead, you can either close your folding windshield completely to block dust and exhaust fumes, or leave it cracked slightly for a bit of airflow. Plus, when winter rears its ugly head, you'll be ready with a windshield to block the wind and trap in heat. Some folding windshields for the Polaris RZR 4 pop out from the bottom, while others either pop out or fold down from the top. There are even two-piece windshields with removable panels to give you the choice between running a half windshield or a full windshield. But whether it's the two-piece RZR 4 windshield by Dot Weld, the pop-out RZR 4 windshield by Spike Powersports, or the folding RZR 4 windshield by Quadboss, you can get amazing deals on any folding RZR 4 windshield here at Everything Polaris RZR.

Most folding windshields for the Polaris RZR 4 can lock out in various positions, be it fully opened, fully closed, or halfway in between. Some can crack open at either the top or bottom for air venting purposes, and others can be folded completely flush against the hood, making for a great place to bench-shoot across as well as a handy table for a quick meal on the trail or a gourmet potluck during a multi-day trip. Companies like Ryfab, Razorback Offroad, and Seizmik are well known for their fantastic Polaris RZR 4 folding windshields. And at Everything Polaris RZR, these brands and more are available for you to choose between!

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