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Under 3000 Lb Winch

You might not think an under 3,000 Lb winch would be effective on the four-door Polaris RZR, but thought proper winching practices, even a 2,000 Lb Polaris RZR 4 winch can do the trick. Generally speaking, you want a winch capable of pulling 2 to 2.5 times the weight of the vehicle onto which it's attached. And at just below a ton, this seems to preclude under 3,000 Lb winches from being used on the RZR 4. However, 3,000 Lb RZR 4 winches, 2,500 Lb RZR 4 winches, and even a 2,000 Lb RZR 4 winches can still get the job done; it all depends on your winching method and the auxiliary winch accessories you use. If you're helping out a friend who's stuck, you can optimize your machine's winching abilities by first parking your RZR 4 crosswise in front of the stuck vehicle. You can then run the winch line up and over it to an anchor point, which will lift the stuck UTV upwards while pulling it out. Using a little bit of an angle change makes a world of difference on drag resistance, and will enable a small winch to tackle a trick situation.

Another tactic RZR 4 owners can adopt to maximize the power of their under 3,000 Lb winch is to use pulleys, winching sheaves, and snatch blocks. With a single snatch block, you can nearly double the pulling power of your winch, effectively turning a 2,000 Lb winch into a 4,000 Lb winch, a 2,500 Lb winch into a 5,000 Lb winch, and so on. Add two snatch blocks to your winching setup and you can get a three-to-one mechanical advantage. Many RZR 4 owners like to go this route to not only reduce weight -- as snatch blocks weigh significantly less than monster winches, and they don't put that weight on the nose or tail end of the UTV -- but electrical draw as well. Even with an ultra powerful winch, you're going to be limited in pulling power by the energy your machine's electrical system can produce. So whether it's a 2,500 Lb Polaris RZR 4 winch by Kimpex for your RZR 4 Turbo, a 2,000 Lb Polaris RZR 4 winch by Warn for your RZR XP 4, or a 3,000 Lb Polaris RZR 4 winch by Kolpin for your RZR Pro 4, you know where to turn for all your under 3,000 Lb winching needs!

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