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Lighted Mirrors

Are lighted mirrors for the Polars RZR 4 absolutely essential? Of course not. But are they a great accessory that will save you both time and money? Absolutely yes. The two-for-one lighted mirror accessories at Everything Polaris RZR are both practical and reliable. With a lighted Polaris RZR 4 mirror, you'll of course get amazing reflective functionality for rearward vision. However, because these mirrors also include lights, you'll get great interior and exterior illumination as well. Lighted rearview mirrors can be used for functional interior lighting, allowing you to rummage through your supplies, fiddle with your gear, or do whatever else it is that you do in the cab of your Polaris RZR 4. But in addition to functional lighting, lighted rearview mirrors for the Polaris RZR 4 can also be used for ambient interior lighting. The Halo-R rearview mirror from Seizmik, for example, is capable of emitting red, green, or blue light to accent the other colors inside your machine's cab. And for exterior light, you can't go wrong with some lighted Polaris RZR 4 side mirrors.

There are many reasons why riders choose lighted side mirrors for their Polaris RZR 4. Lighted side mirror kits like the ones by Sector Seven use two sets of angled lights on each mirror. Mirrors with lights designed in this way can shine in both the forward and side directions, amplifying the coverage of the machine's headlights and giving the driver enhanced visibility around turns and corners. Other lighted side mirrors for the Polaris RZR 4 are designed with LEDs meant to be used as running lights. This type of lighted side mirror gives individuals in the surrounding area a better feel for the width of your vehicle, reducing the likelihood of collisions and sideswipes. Don't spend extra on light pods, dome lights, or accent lighting when you can get the same illumination from lighted Polaris RZR 4 mirrors!

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