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Rear Bumpers and Brush Guards

There's more to a Polaris RZR 4 rear bumper than meets the eye. Throw rear Polaris RZR 4 brush guards into the mix and there's even more to consider. But whether you're wanting a rear bumper and brush guard for protective purposes, or a rear winch bumper to mount a 2,000 Lb, 4,000 Lb, or 5,000 Lb winch to the back end of your UTV, we've got the perfect rear bumper for you and your four-door RZR at Everything Polaris RZR. For those that like the low-profile look but still require muffler protection, taillight protection, and bed protection, the Bull Bar Rear Bumper by Moose is a great option. It comes in a variety of colors to match your particular edition of the Polaris RZR 4, and it attaches to the factory mounts for an easy install. Like Moose, SuperATV also makes a nasty rear bumper for the Polaris RZR 4. Instead of being low-profile, however, SuperATV's Polaris RZR 4 rear bumper is built with a unique design that matches the contour of the vehicle's hind end. Plus, with a built-in tow point, you can use SuperATV's bumper to pull small wagons, drag logs, or conduct recovery operations.

Instead of the standard tube-style rear bumpers, some Polaris RZR 4 owners prefer the block-style rear bumpers like those by Bad Dawg. Still others go for winch rear bumpers or rear hitch receiver bumpers like the RacePace Rear Smash Bumper by Dragonfire. Riders prefer two-in-one rear bumpers not only because they're cheaper, but also because they're more convenient. Sure it costs more to buy multiple separate accessories, but this often pales in comparison to the frustration one feels when attempting to install a winch mount or receiver hitch that is incompatible with their rear bumper. So save yourself a bit of money and avoid the aggravation of non-conforming accessories with the right rear Polaris RZR 4 bumper and brush guard from Everything Polaris RZR!

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