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Turn Signal Kits

As is required in the states that allow UTVs on-road, you will need a turn signal kit as part of your modifications along your journey to making your RZR Youth on-the-road-worthy. These turn signal kits are made to be easy to install and yet reliable. Add a set to your machine today.

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Even off-road they come in handy and can help you to guide your friends along the way and even to be a more courteous rider to let fellow riders know of your intentions. They can’t read your mind after all. These kits are pretty awesome and we are proud to carry them. Choose one and then tick it off your list on your way to making your machine on-the-road-worthy.

Choosing quality parts for your machine is one part, adding more safety to your machine is another. Both are equally important and when it comes to safety having a subpar part conk out on you when you need it the most is just not something that you or your machine should be dealing with. In particular, when it comes to adding turn signals and a horn kit to your ride, your horn failing could result in a devastating accident, just as you not signaling can do the same and is also pretty inconsiderate as a driver. As part of the process of making your vehicle on-the-road-worth, you are asked to add turn signals and a horn kit to your machine in some states. Whatever your reason for adding turn signals and a horn kit to your Side by Side, you want a set that will do its job when the moment arises. The options here are available for both the Polaris RZR 170 and the Polaris Ace 150.

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