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The Polaris RZR 170 and Ranger ACE 150 are generally regarded as youth machines, and as such would have no need for street legal accessories as the drivers are typically too young to even get a driver's license. However, if there's a will, there's always a way. So if you want to turn your youth-size RZR 170 or ACE 150 into your daily commuter vehicle, who are we to stop you? Unlike other buggies, rat rods, and trophy karts, the RZR 170 and ACE 150 at least come with headlights, tail lights, and brake lights -- which are all requirements for making a vehicle street legal. Things like mirrors are also must-haves under the law, although there's often no specification as to what kind or style of mirrors you must have. As long as the mounting mechanism fits the tubing of your machine's vertical roll cage buttresses, you can run Ranger mirrors, RZR mirrors, heck even Can-Am mirrors if you feel like it. We have side-view mirrors, rear-view mirrors, and fancy backup cameras for complete 360-degree vision with zero blind spots.

Once you've got the easy street legal accessories like mirrors out of the way, the next step is an ACE or RZR turn signal kit. But not any signal kit you find out there will work. Some turning kits aren't made specifically for the RZR 170 or ACE 150, which might require some splicing and added effort to make work. But at Everything Polaris RZR, our plug-and-play turn signal kits are made to fit the youth-size Polaris side-by-side lineup. We have turn signal kits with mounting solutions on the dash, steering wheel, or center console, and kits that include horns as well. Don't skimp on your street-legal accessories only to be rejected by the city official in charge of the registration inspection. Get the DOT-approved street-legal kits you need for your ACE 150 or RZR 170 right here at Everything Polaris RZR.

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