Snorkel Kits

There are some adventures that require you to get wet, to cross a waterway, to splash through marshes, to go into some sloppy mud that can get up into your exhaust. Those are the adventures that call for a snorkel kit and especially one of these. They are just badass.

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The snorkel kits that we carry for your UTV are designed by brands and companies who have spent years focused on engineering and innovation so that the snorkels that they offer are up to the task of getting you and your machine safely across to dry land. Choose a snorkel kit for your Side by Side from the many options confidently. They are among the best you can find for your RZR Youth.

Have you come across a waterway that you are itching to cross with your Polaris RZR 170? Have you been eyeing that one piece of the trail just across the stream that you would like to conquer but that you can not because you simply need a snorkel kit to handle the breathing of your machine for you? Then you have come to the right place. We have a variety of snorkel kits that will match the placement that you have in mind and that are super easy to mount and dismount on your Polaris Ace 150. The snorkels that we carry are without a doubt among the best that there is to be found. You can add one skit to your machine and confidently tackle the watercourse that is crossing your mind as you read this. Choose one of the amazing systems that you see listed here and add another level of enjoyment to your machine that you will be blown away by.

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