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Polaris RZR 170 / ACE 150 (Youth)

If you’re a side-by-side owner and are wanting to impart this hobby and lifestyle onto your children, chances are that you’ve considered or already purchased them a little baby Polaris UTV. Be it the RZR 170, the Ranger ACE 150, or another Polaris model of kid’s bikes, we are proud to serve you not only the latest and greatest replacement parts and accessories to keep your children’s rigs up and running like they should, but also the best advice and guides on family-friendly ways to enjoy the great sport of offloading with your kids. We do all this because here at Everything Polaris RZR, the apple does’t fall far from the tree. Start em’ young and get your kids comfortable with riding, and while you’re at it, make sure to get top-of-the-line safety accessories like helmets and harnesses to keep them safe. Even if they’re too short to reach the gas and break pedals, extension kits are available for your pre-growth-spurt younglings. Whether they’re riding by your side or tearing it up around the home-made track in your back yard, a happy rider is the best kind of rider — adult and child alike.

Let your kid learn on a stock machine, or deck it out with the latest and greatest RZR 170 or ACE 150 accessories to really spoil them. After all, if you want your kid win championships, you’ve gotta have a race ready machine. But even if your child isn’t using their UTV for competitive racing purposes, upgrading it with a Polini Clutch, throwing in a K&N filter, increasing the sprocket size, and adding some aftermarket youth seats by Simpson can never hurt. Be the best parents of all time this holiday season and let your kid wake up to see the most awesome present imaginable underneath the Christmas tree: a Polaris RZR 170 or ACE 150 Youth UTV!

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