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Half Windshields

Full windshields are good at blocking the wind and cold, but many riders find it difficult to see through full windshields when they get dirty. Not only is it annoying and time consuming to clean full windshields all the time, but it can also be quite dangerous to ride with a windshield that is covered with mud, dust, and dirt. Add factors such as heat and in-cab airflow to the mix and it's little wonder why a good number of riders opt for Polaris ACE half windshields. But achieving satisfaction isn't as simple as installing the cheapest Polaris ACE half windshield you can find. The advantages a half windshield brings to your ride will depend on several attributes of the windshield, such as how tall it is and how angled the top edge is. Get the right Polaris ACE half windshield and you'll not only take the cold off your hands, but you'll also keep your line of sight clear. If your half windshield is just below eye level, you'll be able to look over it when dust or mud builds up to maintain proper visibility. And if your half windshield is angled properly at the top, it will direct the oncoming air up and over your face and head. Achieving this sweat spot of height and angle can be difficult. But at Everything Polaris RZR, we make it a breeze to find the right half Polaris ACE windshield for both you and your machine.

UTV companies like Tusk and SuperATV use abrasion-resistant Lexan to build their half Polaris ACE windshields. This ensures that, in addition to being strong, their half windshields will also be scratch-proof. So if you're bushwhacking through the dense forest, eating pebbles when tailgating your buddy on gravel roads, or simply washing your half windshield with a bit too much elbow grease, with the right Polaris ACE half windshield, you won't have to worry about scratches, scrapes, or other defects that could impair your view. At Everything Polaris RZR, we don't mess around. And when it comes to proper half windshields for the Polaris ACE, neither should you!

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