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Folding Windshields

For versatile, tough, and trail-tested folding windshields made specifically for the Polaris ACE 900, ACE 570, and ACE 500, Everything Polaris RZR has your back. You don't have to restrict your options by committing to either a half or full windshield. With a Polaris ACE folding windshield, you can get the best benefits of both. When it's raining, you'll be able to lock your folding windshield in the upright position in order to keep both you and the inside of your cab dry. And when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of your ACE, you can unlatch the upper section of your windshield and fold it down for a cooling breeze. If you like to have options when riding, few accessories allow you to act on your preferences in real-time like a folding Polaris ACE windshield. Winter riders will surely appreciate being able to flip their windshield up when it gets chilly outside. And because the folding Polaris ACE windshields at Everything Polaris RZR don't rattle when in the down position, you can instead listen to the sound of your engine and your favorite song blasting from your UTV audio system! Don't pigeonhole yourself with a season-specific windshield and get year-round use out of a folding Polaris ACE windshield from Everything Polaris RZR.

There are many types of folding windshields for the Polaris ACE, and different riders have mixed opinions about each style. Windshields that fold down horizontally in the middle can sometimes obstruct your sight line, so finding the appropriate folding windshield for your height is important. Alternatively, you can also find folding windshields for the Polaris ACE that tip out from the top, pop out from the bottom, or lie completely flat against the hood when in the bottommost position. No matter what the weather is like where you ride and regardless of the terrain you tackle, at Everything Polaris RZR, you're sure to find a fantastic Polaris ACE folding windshield to meet your every need!

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