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5000+ Lb Winch

Although the Polaris ACE models are among the lightest vehicles in Polaris' side-by-side lineup, they can still get deeply stuck and become incredibly difficult to recover. Plus, many farming implements and snow removal plows require a heavy duty Polaris ACE winch in order to work properly. So if you're after a 5,000+ Lb winch for your Polaris ACE 900, ACE 570, or ACE 500, we've got the perfect ones for you. Whether you're wanting a 5,000 Lb KFI winch attached to the frame of your ACE, or a 6,000 Lb SuperATV winch mounted on a reinforced front or rear bumper, Everything Polaris RZR has whatever you require when it comes to strong and durable Polaris ACE winces in the 5,000+ pound category. Albeit unnecessary in some situations, having a monster Polaris ACE winch comes in handy when you need it most. Not only will a 5,000+ Lb Polaris ACE winch be able to get you out of the nastiest bogs and mud pits, but it also equips you on the trail to help extract machines much larger than the ACE itself. Many riders will say that there's no such thing as a Polaris ACE winch that's too big, while others argue that the extra weight they add is unnecessary. But with super powerful yet surprisingly lightweight 5,000+ Lb winches for the Polaris ACE, we've got something for everybody here at Everything Polaris RZR!

In addition to the power rating of a particular winch or winch brand, a good 5,000+ Lb Polaris ACE winch kit should also be easy to mount, durable, and easy to use. The 5,000+ Lb Polaris ACE winches at Everything Polaris RZR meet all three of these criteria. They have free-spooling functionality, which enables the user to quickly and effortlessly pull line from the winch, and with either hand remotes or switch-activated power controls, one can operate their winch at a distance without having to get down and dirty in the muck and mud. As far as mounting is concerned, our standard-spool and wide-spool Polaris ACE 5,000 Lb and 6,000 Lb winches can be affixed to the exact same places where their smaller counterparts are meant to go. Don't get yourself irreversibly stuck and install a 5,000+ Lb winch on your Polaris ACE today!

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