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4500 Lb Winch

When it comes to winches for the Polaris ACE, a majority of riders go with 4,500 Lb winches for the perfect balance between weight and power. Polaris ACE winches rated for 4,500 pounds are strong enough to accomplish most tasks, yet light enough to not weigh down the front or rear of the UTV. Although things like snatch blocks can be used to increase the strength of less powerful winches, pulley devices such as these require more time to both set up and use, and thus rob you of actual riding time. Upon first glance, 4,500 Lb Polaris ACE winches might seem like overkill for a machine that weighs less than 1,000 pounds. But if you add the suction forces of mud / water as well as the additional weight of gear and aftermarket accessories, there are instances where smaller UTV winches fall short. Plus, even if you can get the job done with a less powerful winch, by using a 4,500 Lb Polaris ACE winch, you'll reduce the chances of your winch burning up because it was pushed too close to the limit. It is also important to know that ratings for UTV winches are calculated with only one full wrap around the spool. The more wraps of cable or rope are made around the drum, the less pulling power you'll have. So for these reasons as well as many others, riders often opt for 4,500 Lb winches to use on their single-seat Polaris ACE vehicles.

There's more to a Polaris ACE winch than the pull rating alone. Ask any rider and they'll tell you that the winch isn't an area where you should skimp. We've seen crappy "4,500 Lb" winches fail during one light use, and others burn up after a week or two. So when it comes to either getting out or having to walk multiple miles to the nearest sign of civilization, investing in a quality 4,500 Lb Polaris ACE winch will make all the difference. And at Everything Polaris RZR, we don't waste our customer's time or money on anything less than the best. With 4,500 Lb Polaris ACE winches by companies like SuperATV, Warn, KFI, and other reputable UTV accessory providers, you're sure to get a strong and reliable product that exceeds your expectations here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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