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Fire Extinguishers / Mounts

Looking for a fire extinguisher mount to fit the 1.75” roll bars on the Polaris ACE? Or how about a fire extinguisher that fits perfectly behind the seat above the bed? Whatever your preferences may be regarding mounting locations for fire extinguishers in the Polaris ACE, we've got something for you here at Everything RZR! Even if you're not chain smoking in your Polaris ACE with an open tank of gasoline in the bed, your rig is never 100% fireproof. Stator wires can short, voltage regulators can go up in smoke, and the stock Polaris ACE battery is far from non-flammable. While you can throw in an AMG battery and install new gauge clusters with voltage meters to ensure that things never dip below 13.2 volts, the peace of mind that comes with having a fire extinguisher onboard your UTV is priceless. Plus, even if you never need to use it, having a fire extinguisher at the ready in your Polaris ACE can help other, less prepared riders in your crew from having their machines go up in flames. And if you're looking to make your rig street legal, insurance companies and motor vehicle inspectors alike may require that you have a Polaris ACE fire extinguisher installed. But regardless of if they're required by law or not, a properly mounted Polaris ACE fire extinguisher can be a literal life saver.

Whether you're goofing off at a local UTV park or competing in the GNCC Pro Single Seat at Ironman Raceway, don't let hubris be your downfall and make sure your Polaris ACE is equipped with a fire extinguisher or two. After all, even if your rig is fully insured, the gas tank on the Polaris ACE is directly below the seat. And although a few cans of soda or beer can be used to douse small fires, if you value your life, mounting an easily-accessible Polaris ACE fire extinguisher is vital. Whether it's velcroed to your A pillar or attached to your roof with a quick-release mount, it's better to have a Polaris ACE fire extinguisher and not need it than to need a Polaris ACE fire extinguisher and not have one.

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