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DOT Windshields

In some jurisdictions, DOT windshields are compulsory if you want to register your off-road vehicle for on-road use. So if you're located in such a jurisdiction and looking to make your Polaris ACE street legal, we can hook you up with a Polaris ACE DOT windshield to be fully compliant with the rules of the road. In accordance with the motor vehicle safety regulations pertaining to windscreens, a Polaris ACE windshield must adhere to several stipulations. Windshield wipers are usually required, and windshield tinting is often prohibited. And in some areas, it's not enough to have a windshield that meets all the requirements. Instead, you must have a Polaris ACE windshield with the stamped approval of the United States Department of Transpiration. Luckily for those who live in said areas, Everything Polaris RZR is here with affordable DOT windshields for any year and edition of the Polaris ACE. If you've installed a signal kit, put on side mirrors, and have a date set with your local police department or DMV, make sure to get a Polaris ACE DOT windshield so you don't fail your inspection.

Even if you aren't required to run a DOT windshield on your Polaris ACE to be street legal, many riders still choose to get DOT windshields for the many great benefits they bring. Although some regulations may seem arbitrary, there's a reason why many lawmakers decide to make DOT windshields mandatory. And among these reasons, safety is paramount. DOT Polaris ACE windshield will not only keep you safer, but they'll keep other drivers and pedestrians safer as well. They are highly transparent, making them easy to see through and improving your visibility when driving. Plus, because DOT windshields use multiple layers of glass with a thin film of vinyl autoclaved in between, if the glass shatters, the pieces will stick together instead of sending shards of shrapnel directly toward your face, neck, and chest. Whether you're trail riding in your ACE or cruising along on public roads, you'll be sitting safe in the cockpit with a Polaris ACE DOT windshield in front of you!

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