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Polycarbonate Roofs

From clear polycarbonate Polaris ACE roofs to tinted polycarbonate Polaris ACE roofs, the go-to destination for all things Polaris ACE related is Everything Polaris RZR. There are many benefits to running a polycarbonate roof on your Polaris ACE. But whether it's for natural in-cab light or for unwavering overhead protection, the polycarbonate Polaris ACE roofs at Everything Polaris RZR will meet your every need. Poly roofs are lighter than most types of metal roofs, which means your machine will be less top heavy with one installed. Despite being light, however, polycarbonate roofs are extremely strong. They can withstand impacts from rocks and branches, and they do a great job at blocking water and air as well. Use them in tandem with upper doors, windows, and both front and back windshields to fully enclose your cab, or simply run them in isolation for unbeatable overhead protection. Our tinted polycarbonate roofs for the Polaris ACE are great accessories that provide shade on those blue-sky days, and our standard clear poly roofs for the Polaris ACE will make your cabin feel wide open. The sky is the limit with a polycarbonate Polaris ACE roof from Everything Polaris RZR!

Unlike fabric roofs, poly Polaris ACE roofs won't rip, tatter, or tare. And unlike metal roofs, poly Polaris ACE roofs won't corrode or rust. Because plastic doesn't break down or diminish in strength through prolonged exposure to water, polycarbonate roofs are perfect for wet and humid areas. And if you need to install roof racks, light bars, overhead gun racks, or other roof-mounted accessories, you can easily do so with a Polaris ACE poly roof. It doesn't matter if you're a stickler for detail or obsessive compulsive about your side-by-side, our poly roofs are guaranteed to not disappoint. So don't delay and order a polycarbonate roof for your Polaris ACE today!

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