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Metal Roofs

Be it for an ACE 500, an ACE 570, or an ACE 900, a metal Polaris ACE roof from Everything Polaris RZR will make the perfect addition to any model of the one-seat Polaris ACE! Using materials like aluminum to reduce weight, the metal Polaris ACE roofs we offer aren't excessively bulky, and thus won't make your machine overly top heavy. Whether you're on the track or on the trail, you shouldn't have to sacrifice agility and nimbleness for overhead protection. And while the Polaris-branded roofs are nice, companies like Extreme Metal Products, Quadboss, and Open Trail will offer more protection at a lower price. Besides, unlike plastic or canvas roofs, metal roofs for the Polaris ACE are extremely customizable. You can drill into them if you want to bolt on accessories like light bars, roof racks, and rifle holders, or you can tack accessories onto a metal roof using a MIG welder if you have one. In terms of strength, personalization, and overall protection, you can't beat a metal Polaris ACE roof.

If you have the skill, tools, patience, and time, you might be able to fab up a metal Polaris ACE roof from sheet metal or metal scraps. While we're not opposed to this kind of DIY ingenuity, home-made metal roofs are simply out of the question for most riders. Plus, a good number of ACE owners would rather spend their time riding, not busting their butt in the shop. So if you're among the latter and want the protection of a metal roof without having to math out the bend allowance of a 1/4" aluminum sheet, the Polaris ACE metal roofs at Everything Polaris RZR are just what you need. They'll cover your cab from falling trees and rocks on the trail, and be your first line of defense if you roll your rig at the track. Granted, not all riders like running roofs. But if you're on the market for a strong and sturdy UTV roof for your Polaris ACE, the metal roofs at Everything Polaris RZR won't let you down.

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