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Hard Roofs

The Polaris-branded ACE roof isn't bad, but neither are the aftermarket Polaris ACE hard roofs available at Everything Polaris RZR. Be it a hardened plastic roof or a hard metal roof, we've got all sorts of hard roofs to protect you during rides in your ACE 900, ACE 570, or ACE 500. If you ride dunes, desert sand, or salt flats, a hard roof will give you much-needed shade where natural shade is sparse. And if you ride rocky trails or wooded back roads, a hard roof will act as an overhead shield, protecting you from falling rocks and heavy branches. Finally, for all the racers and boulder creepers out there, a solid roof will act as your first line of defense during a rollover situation. No matter what you get into with your Polaris ACE, Everything Polaris RZR has a hard roof for you.

Every rider wants a hard Polaris ACE roof that excels in the field, but a good hard roof should also be easily transportable when installed. For those with non-enclosed trailers, speeding down the interstate can prove disastrous for an inferior hard roof. Loose a roof and you'll quickly become habituated to strapping things tightly when trailering. But with a hard Polaris ACE roof from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll no longer have to worry about brackets snapping, clamps unlatching, or anything else coming loose. Your roof will be locked down tight regardless of how much you're exceeding the speed limit by, and you'll also save time by not having to strap your roof down when trailering. Why buy knockoff accessories from mystery sellers on Amazon or eBay? With genuine aftermarket Polaris ACE hard roofs from much-loved brands like EMP, Quadboss, and Open Trail, Everything Polaris RZR is among the most trusted retailers of UTV hard roofs for the Polaris ACE. So do yourself and your rig a favor by investing in a hard Polaris ACE roof today!

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