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Rear View Mirrors

Some riders argue that side mirrors are better than rearview mirrors for the seating position of the Polaris ACE. However side mirrors will often get covered with mud and dirt, and thus become unusable. A rearview Polaris ACE mirror, on the other hand, will always stay relatively clean. Plus, many races and ORV parks require rearview mirrors, and so will your local DMV if you're trying to make your Polaris ACE street legal. Whether you're wanting a single rearview mirror, a dual rearview mirror set, or a complete UTV mirror kit with both side mirrors and a rearview mirror, Everything Polaris RZR has the right mirror accessories for you. Due to the angle and position of the Polaris ACE ROPS, standard UTV mirrors don't really work -- that is, unless you only need a rearview mirror to look at yourself and apply makeup. While you could put a rearview mirror on either side of the upper roll bar, a better solution is a curved center mirror. With a thin, low-profile center mirror that stretches across the width of the top bar, you'll be able to see everything behind you with a single glance. Furthermore, your mirror will stay clean and won't get smacked by trees, road signs, or other objects. Although a rearview mirror might get in the way of a head-mounted GoPro, you can always just run your camera on the side of your head instead.

Units like the Maverick Advantage 16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror are great options for ACE owners. They are wide enough to give you great rearward coverage, and are curved on the ends so you can see sideways as well. Unlike traditional rearview mirrors, at Everything Polaris RZR, you can find ACE-specific rearview mirrors that won't obstruct your forward field of view. And with things like lighted rearview mirrors, you can get in-cab illumination without having to pop on dome lights or accent lighting. So do yourself a favor and get the right Polaris ACE rearview mirror the first time at Everything Polaris RZR.

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