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Light Bars

Be it a Quake LED light bar for your Polaris ACE 900, a Rigid Industries light bar for your Polaris ACE 570, or a light bar kit by Baja Designs for your Polaris ACE 500, Everything Polaris RZR has the best prices around on a variety of UTV light bars. For some, a small 8" LED light bar is more than sufficient. But for others, a larger 23" halogen light bar might be in order. You can install light bars on the grille of your ACE, tuck them under the roof, or run light bars on both locations for maximum illumination. ACE owners who ride wooded trails with low-hanging branches should be wary of above-roof light bars. But if you ride open deserts, prairies, or off-road tracks / ORV parks, you don't have to worry as much about the hazards that can affect on-roof Polaris ACE light bars. For those that opt for lower mounting locations, it's important to fix the light bar behind the brush guard, lest you get your light bar bent, turned, or broken by mounting it too far forward. Regardless of what you're after in a Polaris ACE light bar, you'll find both single-row and dual-row light bars with all the specifications you require here at Everything Polaris RZR!

A lot of ACE owners like to mount their light bars on the bottom of the roll bar. In this way, it is protected from both mud and water, and it doesn't produce as much glare on the windshield for those who have a full or half windscreen installed. Even if your light bar is waterproof, it won't do much good if it's caked with a thick layer of mud. Plus, installing it on the bottom of the roll bar provides a cleaner look. In the end, though, it all depends on how and where you ride. If you mount your Polaris ACE light bar up high, it will reflect off of snow and dust in the air. There's a reason why automobiles have low beams, and low-mounted light bars function in a similar fashion. Regardless, at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got Polaris ACE light bars for any occasion. So don't let the dark prevent you from riding and install a light bar or two on your machine from Everything Polaris RZR!

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