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Whether you're wanting to install flush-mount LED pods in place of your Polaris ACE headlights, or if you're looking to replace the headlight / taillight bulbs, lenses, or housing cases, we've got everything you could want or need here at Everything Polaris RZR. 881 LEDs are popular among Polaris ACE owners, and aftermarket headlight cases are often used to replace the stock headlight housing that is prone to leak and fill with water, mud, and debris. If you're not happy with the color of your headlights, we can help with that. And if your Polaris ACE headlights aren't producing as many lumens as you desire, we have aftermarket headlights for that as well. Halogen headlights for the Polaris ACE are ok, but with some LED headlights, you'll be able to see further while requiring less amperage. And for a mean looking rig, RGB headlight halos can also be installed. From HID headlights for the Polaris ACE to headlight brackets and low-draw headlights that pull less amps, whatever upgrades you're considering, you can make them easily and cheaply with the Polaris ACE headlights and headlight-related accessories from Everything Polaris RZR!

The charging system in the Polaris ACE cannot handle a lot, which is why low-consumption headlights and taillights for the Polaris ACE are popular. The ACE's voltage regulator is rated at 50-55 amps max, so by the time you account for the fuel pump, ignition, rear lights, and ECM, you're only left with around 10 amps for everything else. To circumvent this, many riders choose to upgrade their voltage regulator, which then lets them run high-powered headlights and taillights. But even if you stick with the stock voltage regulator, there are many replacement headlight and taillight bulbs for the Polaris ACE that are several times brighter than the stock bulbs and draw less than 35 watts per side. With plug and play Polaris ACE taillight and headlight bulbs that require no wire cutting or housing swaps, getting brighter and higher quality headlights / taillights has never been easier!

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