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Hitch Adapters

From Polaris ACE hitch risers and drop hitches to bolt-on Polaris ACE hitch tongue adapters, run any attachment, implement, or trailer with your side-by-side using a hitch adapter from Everything Polaris RZR. Be it a category 0 hitch, a category 1 hitch, or even a 3-point hitch, we've got the hitch adapters for any year or model of the Polaris ACE. If your hitch ball is too large or too small for your trailer's coupler, we've got an adapter for that. Or if the height of your machine's hitch receiver puts the attached implement at too sharp of an angle to function properly, we've got drop hitches and adjustable hitches to level things off. The Polaris ACE receiver hitch riser by Hornet Outdoors is a popular adapter that is frequently used for hitch-mounted racks and winches. It can be quickly installed on either the front or rear hitch receiver, and will ensure that the attached accessory doesn't scrape against the ground on rough or uneven terrain. On the other end of things, adjustable ball mount drop hitches are commonplace among those who haul tow-behind trailers, wagons, and carts. You don't need to make modifications to your trailer in order for it to ride properly. With the right Polaris ACE hitch adapter, it doesn't matter how short or tall your trailer is, it can still be pulled by your ACE 500, 570, or 900 XC.

In addition to hitch adapters that alter the height of the connection point, hitch tube adapters can also be used with nonconforming receiver tubes and shanks. Although 2" receivers are the norm, they are by no means the only size for hitch shanks and tubes. It is not uncommon to see UTV trailers, attachments, and implements with 1-1/4", 2-1/2", and even 3" hitch shanks. So if you need a strong and durable way to connect different hitch sizes, we've got the exact product for you and your Polaris ACE at Everything Polaris RZR!

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