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Whether you're starting a deer plot or establishing some new sod, you can make quick work of any agricultural endeavor with the right tools. One such tool is the Polaris ACE cultipacker, which is commonly used by both farmers and hobbyist gardeners alike to maximize the number of seeds that are taken. Like lawn rollers for the Polaris ACE, cultipacker implements for the ACE 570 and ACE 900 flatten, level, and smooth out the ground. However, unlike a standard roller, Polaris ACE cultipackers are engineered to create dimples and valleys in the soil, which dramatically increase germination rates. You can use Polaris ACE cultipackers to crush down chaff and other crop residues at the summer's end, and use them to cut in seasonal crops within existing perennial plantings. Plus, with different styles of rollers, you can get the perfect cultipacker for your ACE to match the task at hand. Cultipackers with notched rollers are great for creating a uniform growth pattern across an entire field, while cultipackers with smooth rollers will often cause seeds to sprout in rows, creating fields similar to those that have undergone drilled planting. No matter if you're wanting to grow some warm-season perennial grasses for your horse pasture, or small-seeded crops like alfalfa to provide feed for your cattle, using a Polaris ACE cultipacker is the best way to maximize your agricultural output!

With Polaris ACE cultipackers from companies like Packer Maxx and Field Tuff, Everything Polaris RZR is the go-to destination for those looking for top-tier UTV farming implements. We've got Polaris ACE cultipackers that attach via standard 2" hitch balls, as well as cultipackers that use 3-point hitch attachments. Need an extra-wide cultipacker to cover as much ground as possible with a single pass? Or how about a Polaris ACE cultipacker with a shorter roller to squeeze through tight places? Whatever size or style of cultipacker you're after, we've got just the one for you at Everything Polaris RZR!

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