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3-Point Hitches

Thunderhawk UTV hitches are nice, but there are many instances where a 3-point Polaris ACE hitch is required. But regardless of what your aims are with your ACE, we've got the best Polaris ACE 3-point hitches on the market. While the clutching on the Polaris ACE XC isn't designed for towing, the ACE 330, ACE 570, and ACE 900 SP are all rated to pull 1,500 Lbs. Plus, the primary clutch in the ACE is the same as the 900 RZR, and the secondary clutch is the same as the 1000 RZR. There's no doubt that you could potentially damage something if you throttle your rig too hard and fast with a heavy trailer or implement attached. But as long as you play it smart, you should be more than fine running implements attached via a 3-point hitch. And if you are worried about damage due to heavy loads, we offer hitch system frame support bars that bring strength and stability to your ACE. These 3-point hitch support bars transfer the forces from the hitch to the frame, dispersing the load across the rear of the vehicle to avoid unnecessary strain. So whether you're wanting to use your Polaris ACE 900 to prepare the ground for a food plot, or your Polaris ACE 570 to start an organic garden, you can do it all with the Polaris ACE 3-point hitches at Everything Polaris RZR!

In addition to 3-point hitches for the Polaris ACE as well as 3-point hitch support bars for the Polaris ACE, we also offer 3-point hitch adapters to use on any UTV, truck, or tractor. And through strategic partnerships with companies like Kolpin Dirtworks, we are able to lower costs and provide our customers with unbeatable prices on 3-point hitch accessories. Sure you're single-seat side-by-side is a blast on the trail, but you're leaving valuable benefits on the table if you're not also using it as a work vehicle. And if the task at hand requires a 3-point hitch, we've got you covered with top-tier 3-point Polaris ACE hitches here at Everything Polaris RZR.

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