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Propane heaters can work for your garage or workshop, and letting your UTV warm up in neutral with a few small revs intermittently will warm up the internals of your ACE. But if you want to heat up the cab of your one-seater Polaris ACE, your best bet is with one of the great Polaris ACE heaters at Everything Polaris RZR. You might be asking yourself, where in the world could you put a heating system in the Polaris ACE? But because the heating units from Everything Polaris RZR are small and compact, you can fit them either on the floor in front of the seat, or under the dash without taking up too much space. And if you're running a cab enclosure, you almost have to have a heater or defroster in order to see due to fog buildup on the windows and windshield. Inferno Cab Heaters make some fantastic heating units for the Polaris ACE, giving you the option to choose which features you want, and which features you can live without. Some riders like dual vents with multi-directional louvers to blast heat to specific areas, while others go with heaters with defroster ports to keep their windshield free of ice and fog. But whichever style of Polaris ACE heater you prefer, we've got the one for you here at Everything Polaris RZR.

As far as installation goes, the Polaris ACE heating kits we offer come with everything you need aside from a jug of antifreeze. Simply tie your aftermarket ACE heater into the thermostat line with a 1" to 5/8" Y fitting and use the bleeder valve in the engine to burp any air out of the system when you're done. You don't have to instal a fan on the hatch bend the seat to draw hot air form the engine bay, nor do you need to tap into the coolant hoses under the floor to install a heater core. Many models of the Polaris ACE -- the ACE 570 in particular -- have a high running temperature, so improperly messing around with the coolant hoses could lead to a fatal overheat in the engine. So if you're cold while driving in winter, Everything Polaris RZR has you covered with the right ACE heaters that won't harm your machine or occupy too much space.

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