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Hard Cab Enclosures

Upper doors for the Polaris ACE are nice, and so too are canvas covers. But if you want 360-degree coverage that is stout and sturdy, you're going to want a Polaris ACE hard cab enclosure. For winter riding, plowing snow, or staying dry in the rain, cab enclosures are almost obligatory. And while roofs and windshields will provide you with some shelter, when the wind starts blowing and the temperatures drop, you'll be an unhappy camper without a hard cab enclosure on your Polaris ACE. Whether you've got the 570 Polaris ACE, the 500 Polaris ACE, or the Polaris ACE 900, Everything Polaris RZR has the right hard cab enclosure for you and your vehicle. So if you're tired of your lap getting covered in mud, if the freezing winter has got your ACE parked permanently in the garage, or if the dust where you ride is almost unbearable, you can remedy all of these issues with a hard Polaris ACE cab enclosure. And because the Polaris ACE hard cab enclosures at Everything Polaris RZR are built with strength in mind, you can leave them on when trailering your side-by-side around town or across the country.

For all-season riding, you can't go wrong with a hard cab enclosure on your Polaris ACE. Hard cab enclosures obviously trap in heat during the winter, but many hard cab enclosure systems also come with vents and zippered windows to cool you down during the summer. And during those in-between seasons full of mud and muck, hard cab enclosures will do far more to block the slop than any fender extension or fender flare ever could. If you've been kicking around the idea of installing a hard cab enclosure on your Polaris ACE, there is no better time than now to follow through. At Everything Polaris RZR, you'll find a reasonably-priced hard cab enclosure for any year or edition of the Polaris ACE. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a hard cab enclosure for your Polaris ACE today!

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