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From on / off stereo controllers to audio controllers that can be used to adjust the volume, equalization, and balance of your sound system, Everything Polaris RZR has a variety of Polaris ACE controllers to choose from. Some stereos, speakers, and sound bars come with built-in control buttons. And if these devices are within easy reach, this might not be a problem. But if your sound equipment is mounted in a way that makes accessing it difficult or awkward, the use of a Polaris ACE controller will make things easier, safer, and more convenient. Other sound systems come with remote controllers, and use bluetooth connectivity to sync with the main stereo hub. Others, however, use wired controls that can be mounted somewhere on the dash or within a side cubby. Although most UTV sound system kits come with controllers, not all of them do. Plus, if you built your own sound system from scratch, the speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers you used likely didn't include controllers. But regardless of whether you lost your audio controller, or if you bought a used Polaris ACE that came with a sound system but no controller, we've got the right Polaris ACE controller for you here at Everything Polaris RZR.

Many riders like to integrate their electronics under the umbrella of a single, easy-to-use control unit. Things like communication radios, GPS units, and sound systems can all be connected to the same control panel, giving you the ability to go from one system to the next with a few clicks or swipes of a screen. For audio controls, a popular unit is SSV Works' LCD Display Panel Media Controller. With this all-in-one Polaris ACE controller, you can adjust the volume, change tracks, and alter the EQ of your sound system. Plus, this controller can also be used to play AM / FM radio and receive bluetooth from your phone or MP3 player. And when the batteries in your devices get low, it also has a 3.5mm AUX-in as well as a USB charging port. No matter if you're after a simple controller for your Polaris ACE speakers, or a fully-functional control panel for all your multi-media needs, Everything Polaris RZR has the exact product for you and your Polaris ACE!

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