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From amplified speakers, subs, and sound bars to stand-alone Polaris ACE amplifier units, we've got all the best amplifiers for the Polaris ACE lineup here at Everything Polaris RZR. Need a 500-watt amplifier to power your kickers? Or will a smaller 200-watt amplifier work for your 6.5" speakers? No matter if you're building a sound system from scratch and want a high-quality amplifier for crystal clear audio, or if you already have a functional sound system and simply need a replacement Polaris ACE amplifier, you'll find whatever it is that you desire among the selection of Polaris ACE audio amps at Everything Polaris RZR. In addition to offering amplifiers with various wattages, we also have amplifiers with the appropriate RMS power, program power, and peak power. Although you may not need an exact match for your particular sound setup, the closer you get, the better the sound will be overall. And if you're not sure exactly what you need, we've got adjustable amplifiers for the Polaris ACE that can be tuned as needed depending on the speakers onto which they're attached. Quit struggling to hear your stereo over the aftermarket exhaust you installed and bring more power to your sound system with a Polaris ACE amplifier from Everything Polaris RZR!

The voltage regulator in the Polaris ACE deals with the voltage made from the alternator / charging system, so if you're worried about the power draw from a large sound system, adding a larger battery should give you the additional power you need without affecting the other elements of your machine's electric system. But if you want a lower-powered amplifier that doesn't require any modifications to your rig's electric system, we've got the right options for you. With amplifiers for the Polaris ACE 500, the Polaris ACE 900, and the Polaris ACE 570, you'll find the right product regardless of the year, model, or edition of your single-seat side-by-side. Be it a Polaris ACE 4-channel amplifier by NavAtlas or a Polaris ACE subwoofer amplifier kit by MB Quart, you're guaranteed to get the exact amplifier you need here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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