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A-Arms Bushings

If you're preparing for the King Of The Hammers, the Best In The Desert, or just using your UTV for leisure rides around your farm, make sure your rig is well maintained with new Polaris ACE a-arm bushings. Whether you need a single replacement a-arm bushing for your Polaris ACE 900, or a complete a-arm bushing set for your 570 ACE, we've got you covered on all fronts here at Everything Polaris RZR. Many ACE owners like to run a-arm bushings that include o-ring seals to prevent water and dirt from getting in. This not only helps to keep the grease clean, but it also keeps the whole busing assembly clean as well, which in turn extends the life of your a-arm bushings. Companies like Super Daves, All Balls Racing, SuperATV, and Moose all make quality a-arm bushings for the Polaris ACE lineup. So if there's a good deal of of play in your stock Polaris ACE a-arm bushings, unnecessary left-to-right movement in your a-arms, or a sickly squeaking or squealing sound coming from your a-arm bushings, the aftermarket Polaris ACE a-arm bushings and bushing kits at Everything Polaris RZR will get your side-by-side running like it should. Furthermore, with fresh a-arm bushings installed, you'll see noticeable improvements in handling, be it on the trails or around the track!

The materials your Polaris ACE a-arm bushings are made out of will affect their performance, but even so-called "maintenance free" a-arm bushings still require a bit of care. 90-degree grease fittings can be installed so that you can grease your a-arm bushings without having to remove the rear wheels, and 45-degree grease fittings can also be used, which are less likely to get damaged as they don't protrude below the control arm. If you ride in the rain, through puddles, or over water hazards, we'd suggest using a grease with a high moly content so that it doesn't wash out. But at the end of the day, you can't grease your way out of a bad Polaris ACE a-arm bushing. So do yourself a favor and get a proper set of a-arm bushings for your ACE from Everything Polaris RZR!

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