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Top 3 Winches For The Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR Winch Breakdown

Most UTV winches you find on the market today will get the job done. But when it comes to longevity and durability, not all Polaris RZR winches are created equal. But regardless of the Polaris RZR winch you decide to go with -- be it a KFI winch, Viper winch, Superwinch, Warn winch, or Badland winch -- make sure you’re always packing some good recovery gear. Tow straps, snatch blocks, D shackles, and soft shackles are must-haves whenever you go riding.

UTV Winch Lines: Steel or Synthetic?

While the verdict is still out regarding the best UTV winch line, synthetic rope is generally accepted as the best option. Not only is synthetic rope both strong and lightweight, but it won’t fray or kink like steel cable and stab you when you’re trying to handle it. Plus, synthetic rope is a lot safer than steel wire. If a synthetic rope winch line breaks, it won’t snap back like cable winch lines tend to do, which can bust windshields or cause serious injury to riders.

One caveat to synthetic winch lines, however, is that the typical 1/4“ rope that 90% of riders use is not as strong as cable, so we suggest using 5/16” lines. If you’re 5/16” synthetic line is wrapped in the right direction on the drum and isn’t hitting a hard surface at any point along the pull line, you’ll be golden. Add a heat guard to the first few wraps of your rope to prevent scorched lines, and it’s also not a bad idea to use a winch cover to protect both the winch and the winch line from water/mud during everyday riding. If a synthetic winch line gets wet, it can become brittle over time. But even taking this into consideration, buying a new $25 line every few years is far better than replacing a $500 glass windshield that took the brunt of a snapped winch cable. But enough talk about lines, let’s dig into the to 3 Polaris RZR winches on the market.

Top 3 Best UTV Winches For The Polaris RZR

Many people are under the impression that a winch is a winch. And although many times when the letters “UTV” are included in the title, the price is substantially higher, getting a winch specifically made for UTVs makes mounting way less of a chore and increases the ease of operation. So which Polaris RZR winch is the best? Well, that would depend on who you ask. We’ve heard of riders who have burned up every brand of UTV winch except the Badlands, which they have been running hard for over five years without a problem. Yet other riders are of the opinion that Badlands are junk. Many RZR owners say that Warn is a great brand, while others are staunch advocates for the Viper 4,000 pound winch -- stating that they have taken it under water, caked it in mud, and abused it in countless other ways… but it’s still working like new. Despite all the opinionated arguments and noise out there, here are our choices for the top 3 Polaris RZR winches based on empirical rather than anecdotal evidence.

Warn Winches

Depending on the weight of your rig, the 2,500lb, 3,500lb, or 4,500lb winches by Warn are sure to handle whatever you can throw at them. Whether you’re pulling yourself out of a mud pit or winching your buddy with a Bobcat up a steep hill, Warn has the power to get the job done, and the reliability to do it over and over again. With a variety of options to choose from, Warn has the right winch for every occasion and every need.


For those who are looking for a sturdy winch that won’t break the bank, Superwinch’s LT2000 12V winch is a great option. It is compact and lightweight, perfect for the casual rider who doesn’t need an extreme winch but wants something for those just-in-case moments. And a word of advice for those in the market for cheap winches, look into the price of the winch mount, for what good is a winch if you can’t mount it to your machine?

KFI Winches

Well known for their great UTV and powersports accessories, KFI’s winches don’t fall short. Their Assault Series 5,000lb Winch is particularly impressive, receiving nothing but raving reviews from riders across the geographic spectrum. It’s dual control units make it easy to use, and it’s sheer power can handle any situation thrown at it. If you do any mud or creek riding, you have to not only factor in the weight of your RZR, but also the added weight of the mud and water. For riders that won’t bother with anything under 4,500lbs, this is the perfect powerful RZR winch what will stand the tests of time.  

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