XTC Motorsports

Enjoying your off-road ride is an all-encompassing pursuit. This means all aspects of your Polaris RZR should be taken care of and you should use the best UTV accessories in the market. Unfortunately, that is not sometimes the case. We may find ourselves esteeming the major parts and forgetting the seemingly minor parts only to end up with less than we can get. Knowing that, XTC Motorsports decided to focus on one ‘forgettable’ area – electronics for your RZR.

With a high level of expertise and industry knowledge, XTC Motorsports thrives in simple jobs as well as complicated wiring tasks on your UTV. Since they understand that not everyone is an expert in knowing what plugs in where, they devote to doing an excellent wiring job with high-quality side by side aftermarket accessories. With this, you can keep rolling without unnecessary fear of your electronics.

XTC Motorsports was established in 2006 in Chandler, Arizona but it is now headquartered in Gilbert, AZ. In its first 4 years, the company operated in a small building, the size of a single family's home but was later able to upgrade to their present facility. Besides the high-quality, powerful and efficient UTV accessories with a rugged feel, XTC also manufactures truck accessories and sells cars. In fact, the latter is what would be seen to have helped the company make a mark.

XTC Motorsports remains a trusted and reliable brand in handling electrical needs for your Polaris RZR. The reason is, its founders are avid riders of UTV, off-road enthusiasts and established the company from their love for side by side rides. These are guys who did not know they had a business idea as it all started when they had to do their own UTV wiring, then to helping friends with wiring to finally starting a company to solve electrical problems.

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