Thor is extraordinary due to the fact that they ventured into another UTV accessory that most brands don’t always consider. They are also called Radial Boots because they are manufacturers of all kinds of boots that can be used on Side x Sides. It is okay to wear any kind of boot to drive if you are a Side x Side owner, but for someone that races with a UTV, boots are important to keep one protected from calamities. Just the same way UTV helmets and body gears need to be on at all times during a race, so also is a UTV boot required.
Interestingly, no brand has stepped up to Thor in the manufacturing of these UTV boots because they have awesome designs and qualities. For instance, they contain features that makes them protective in function, able to withstand impact and durable over good number of years. There is a warranty period on the various UTV boots that are available on the platform. Now, the choice of this UTV accessory depends on the UTV involved. For example, Polaris RZR has a kind of boot that it allows in order to make sure all functions are accessible while driving which may not be suitable on another kind of UTV.
Also, there is a lot of consideration to factors that aid the usage of these UTV boots, and this include; style, color, size, etc. That is why, Thor often advise customers to pick the right fit for their legs before anything. There is a size chart on the website that they want everyone to look at, as well as Trademarks that contribute to Thor’s success. However, these UTV boots are strictly made for races on the trail, and not conventional driving; this is to ensure that its quality is preserved.

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