Tamarack was conceived out of a company called “La Boite, Inc.” in 1997. It is interested in making UTV accessories for Side x Sides of all types. One of such accessories is the ATV box. The first model of UTV box manufactured by Tamarack was called “The Tamarack Quad Trunk” which was a form of storage to hold items. Nowadays, these boxes have been improved in such a way that they are great at holding milk crates and coolers without falling off. This is another innovative idea we have seen so far, being aware that most brands have ventured into UTV parts and accessories only.
This brand has made sure these boxes have premium qualities, so that they can withstand impact and at the same time be held steadfast to an UTV like Polaris RZR. For instance, there are structures or parts responsible for the attachment of these UTV boxes to Polaris RZR, and one of them is the rack with the aid of a feature called bungees. These bungees are the ultimate holding effect that makes them stay put even while driving on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you are going slow or fast, this UTV box will always remain attached, until you free it.
Tamarack boasts of influencing the global market with sales from different parts of the world. The brand has gained sole ownership and thrived successfully under competitive conditions to be one of the best UTV box brands ever seen. Currently, it is called the Tamarack Powersport Accessories and they have great number of customers on their platform on a daily basis. In addition, the brand aims at pleasing customers in several ways, so that the use of UTV can be to its maximum potential. Often, they believe that without customers, there is no company to run.

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