Superwinch was established 45 years ago, and so far, so good, it has come up with being the top-rated and largest manufacturer of UTV winch systems. The company has its headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon, and other 2 main branches in Dayville, USA, and Tavistock, UK. The three locations have different functions, and all was set up to make things better for Side x Side owners. For instance, the headquarters is mainly got designing, manufacturing, and distributing, while the 2 head branches are into manufacturing and distributing only. Notwithstanding, they manufacture the best UTV hoists and winch accessories for vehicles like Polaris RZR which is one thing people love.

First, it began as a project of Ford Motor Company by Frank Tolsdorf who later saw a chance where he could manufacture something unique, and offer the best UTV services. With this opportunity, several innovations were made, and it spread fast on the market. However, the company was purchased by Kinderhook industries while still operating interdependently to make sure Polaris RZR drivers especially get the best of services. Now, there are over 4 million Superwinches location point in the world with 4 continents having production facilities which is large enough to get the world dominated.

The company controls the global and industrial market with their services, and most importantly, they are made up of a team of professionals who are not only interested in quality, but can related well to customer desires. These winches they manufacture include; electric, hydraulic, worm and planetary gear of different shapes, sizes, and functions. On an average estimate, the least to maximum capacity of winches manufactured is between 1,000 to 5,000.

What interest customers the most is their zeal to make improvements on old products that are outdated. They are trademarked by quality, value, and construction. If for anything, you can contact their customer support via different means, and one of them is social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; for videos and updates on the use of some of their UTV accessories, they have a YouTube channel, they recommend customers to subscribe to.

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