STI Tires

STI Tires is a young company that has been around for a long time. They have taken their time over the years to release well designed wheels and tires for UTVs, such as the Polaris RZR. The company has garnered experience for quite some time now with the aim of consistently manufacturing UTV tires and UTV wheels that break new ground, literally and in the innovative sense.

There are several UTV aftermarket wheels and tires produced by STI Tires specifically for the UTV racing industry. The Polaris RZR can be custom outfitted with STI Tires tires that can take on any form of terrain. Their craftsmanship is top notch coupled with their superior designs, which is what separates them for others in the market. STI Tires understands that durability is as important as traction, and all STI Tires tires are built to last.

Why do people choose STI Tires? Well, as we all know, reliability, durability and unmatched premium quality makes them stand separately from others. STI Tires has you covered if you want to show off on the dunes with a rugged looking performance UTV tire, as well as getting out to ride at events nationwide. Also, with tires from X Comp ATR to Roctane to Sand Drifter and more you know they are well designed to cover a wide variety of terrains. The Out & Back Max tires feature an aggressive tread pattern and true sizing designed to power UTVs like Polaris RZR through the mud and also use stepped-lug construction and a rugged carcass for trusted performance for riders in the sloppiest conditions.

The great team behind these UTV tires are totally dedicated to making sure these Polaris RZR tires and wheels undergo subsequent testing to assure their consumers that there are no faults with them. STI Tires knows how to design a product from the ground up and develop it to its highest potential. Their goal is to provide your Polaris RZR with UTV aftermarket accessories that meet your specific needs and deliver the greatest value.

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