Plotmaster also called the ultimate plot machine was established in the late 20th century by Blaine Burley who was/is the owner of the Woods-N-Water Inc. In his invention, he developed a system whereby ATVs are connected to food plot planting machines to make single-piece machinery that will be used on agriculture lands. Using Side x Side, it has replaced many large types of machinery which may be quite challenging to control as well as crude planting methods which was used before then. The owner was wise enough to gain mastery of Food plot management, and teach it into this ATV-based technology we see now, especially when using Polaris ZRZ for example.

As the years passed, there were more innovations and schemes set up to make the plot planting skills even better, and as far as we know, there are still going to be more in the future. The benefits of using this all-in-one ATV-based planter cannot be overemphasized because it has helped in so many areas. Some areas include; increase in the quality of food and farm produce through effective planting techniques, and management, an increase of wild game on a particular planting location, as well as saving time and effort instead of using crude equipment.

Plotmaster has seemed to impart a lot of lives during their short stay in which as they become familiar in each country, there is a signature product that is being developed. For instance, they were responsible for the Oxen drawn Model in Kenya, Africa, and so many other places they have worked. Indeed, this brand is not for everybody, but for a farmer who wants a change in what he produces, and would love to make more money from the business.

They provide customer service to their various clients, particularly those who use Side x Side like Polaris ZRZ on how to make things better, and allow people to try out new things; they are open to discoveries too. To crown it all, their products can be used at any time of the year without limitations. Indeed, they offer one of the best ATV-agricultural services.

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