Fly Racing

As the name suggests, Fly Racing is a company dedicated to giving UTV drivers a fly racing experience. In other words, the UTV accessories are made in such a way that the drivers and their passengers can use them confidently without fear. Why? Because they have made all the UTV accessories with the highest level of technology to make sure that even when the unexpected happens, your safety is not compromised. The Fly Flying team chooses the raw materials carefully, engages very skilled technicians and selects the best technology during the manufacture of the side by side aftermarket accessories.

One of the side by side product that has earned Fly Racing the reputation of a professional and trusted UTV accessories company is the formula carbon helmets that come in different sizes and shapes. These are kind of helmets that ensure even when going extreme in your Polaris RZR ride, your head is well protected even in case of an accident. The carbon fiber shell provides excellent penetration resistance and is a lightweight material. This allows you a lot of comfort even when you have to wear the helmet for a couple of hours. Made from RHEON, the formula helmets reduce forces transmitted by the brain through increasing the absorption of the low rotational and linear impacts, thanks to the Impact Energy Cells.

Fly Racing invests heavily on technology and research. For instance, Fly Racing esteems the Conehead EPS Technology which gives efficient alternatives of reducing impact and thus injury. From the R & D team, Fly Racing manufactures customized Polaris RZR helmets that are elegant, cool and resilient. The sturdy UTV accessories are worthwhile investments for your safety. You do not want to do trial and error with your health while Fly Racing has everything you need to enhance your safety.

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