DUX Signal Kits

Dux Signal Kit has an interesting beginning. You see, its founder Neil Ternet loves wet or dry ride. As he continued in his regular UTV escapades, he realized a serious gap relating to the safety of his side x side. In pursuit of road safety, as he traveled from state to state, he went into his backyard garage and made his turn and horn signals. The outcome? Something cool that some of his UTV driver friends requested to test and use in theirs. Over time through referrals, Neil Ternet expanded his business to make UTV light signal accessories for his customers. In January 2010, Neil established the DUX signal Kit and it has its headquarters in Monroeville, Indiana. So if there one thing you are guaranteed when you get UTV accessories for your Polaris RZR from Dux Signals, is products that will enhance your safety, are affordable, stylish, easy to the eyes and easy to install. With Neil and his team’s passion in eliminating any unsafety barriers for Polaris RZR drivers to enjoy maximum satisfaction and fulfillment, you can be sure the horn and light signals will grant you utmost control over your safety. Additionally, your UTV will remain exceptionally powerful as few damages will be experienced.

Dux Signal Kits product lines mostly involve UTV aftermarket light signals, UTV signal kit, plug and play UTV signal kit and RNGRDL Signal Kit. For most of these, the installation process is fast and no need for any modification on your Polaris RZR. However, for some, like the signal lights, you may need some shallow drilling on the plastic part of your UTV to fix it. One amazing thing is that the manual is straightforward so you should not have any issues with the installation process. Ultimately, you will have a UTV looking extreme, cool and rugged. You will ride with passion.

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