Cryptocage was a brand born out of the need to get cage extensions and accessories for Side x Side owners. The name was obtained from a play on Crypto Zoology and BigFoot or Sasquatch. It first started from a UTV called Polaris Ranger, until discovered that the market can accommodate accessories for other UTVs’. Their roll cage extensions are just the best you can ever find available in the world, and it has good qualities, looks, and perfect fitting; also, the strength and versatility is commendable. There are different kinds of cage extensions in several forms that UTV like Polaris RZR can make use of, and this makes it one of the most exciting inventions so far. Cryptocage made these products beyond just their style, adaptable properties, and storage options, but also for protection, and ease of loading items.

With a team of artistic and skilled fabricators, all these cage extensions were designed to suit what the market will accept, and further, they made the installation process so easy and secure that within few minutes you are done fixing it on your UTV. For many years, these extensions have been used by many Side x Side owners for activities like farming, hunting, fishing, search and rescue operations, recreational purposes, and many more. This is why using it on Polaris RZR will be a lot better, since it is an advanced model of the Polaris Ranger.

The way the brand perceives the market has now changed the game because they know what and how people want even without asking. Also, they have made solutions available, and anyone who needs any accessory can get a wide range of options to pick from. Interestingly, the UTV extension comes at an affordable price. More importantly, Cryptocage works seriously hard to make sure they improve in their product creativity, solution-providing services, etc. Why do you want to be left out, when you can get your Polaris RZR what it requires for extra storage? You don’t want to miss out an opportunity that is life-changing, especially when it comes to having a UTV like Polaris RZR.

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