Battle Armor UTV

Driving your Polaris RZR is a daring experience and it’s a battle that you must win. But how can you win without the necessary armor? Of course, it is impossible. With the rocky terrains and snowy grounds or even scorching sun, you need a side by machine fitted with tough, stylish and extremely powerful UTV aftermarket accessories. That is what would sum up the mission and purpose of the Battle Armor. This a division of a reputable and renown commercial-grade mowers company - Bad Boy Mowers. Purchasing your UTV accessories from Battle Armor is a sure guarantee of style and performance. With the understanding of how diverse and crazy terrains can be in different territories, Battle Armor carefully and professionally manufactures accessories for your side x side that can withstand any environment.

The front and rear bumpers are built skillfully to ensure a fast installation process that does not require any drilling or modification of your UTV. With these front bumpers for your Polaris RZR, you can face fierce obstacles and emerge victoriously. Even if one of those crazy drivers hit your UTV from behind or you ram on a tree, the metallic bumper will ensure your ride isn’t interrupted. How incredible! The style and color combination of the Battle Armor UTV aftermarket accessories are just perfect –cool and stylish to give you that confidence to ride anywhere. Battle Armor also offers you Polaris RZR windshield that is made from Lexan to give you maximum protection from weather changes and debris as well as giving you a wide front view coverage. More side x side accessories such as rear bumper winch plate are available in case you need them. Amazingly, you do not have to drill holes to install and thus saves your time during installation. The powder coating on the winch is both stylish and enhances durability.

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