Bad Ass Unlimited

Bad Ass Unlimited is a US-Based company that is headquartered in New Port Beach, California. The company thrives in making innovative, powerful and extremely durable UTV accessories for the Polaris RZR and other fast-racing and fun giving off-road UTVs. With highly motivated staff, the company’s UTV aftermarket accessories continue to be an incredible option for drivers who are serious about fun.

Do you know why enough drivers of Polaris RZR would go for Bad Ass products? The name clearly shows the expected outcome. With this consistency and innovation, Bad Ass has succeeded in manufacturing super-fast, more rugged, powerful and super cool UTV performance accessories for an exceptionally thrilling drive in fearless pursuit of pleasure. The GlazzKraft Fiberglass Body Polaris RZR XP 1000 (14-18) has an easy installation process, will enhance your safety with as it is lite and Baja proven. With this fiberglass, your Polaris RZR will have a wide body front and rear which allows you a better experience. For some elegance, the fiberglass has a white gel coat finish. Bad Ass Unlimited also offers a spacious front seat to enhance your comfort as you drive. We all know how important this is. In fact, you cannot fear driving crazy as you are firmly fixed on your RZR. I am sure you can already imagine how epic that can be. That’s not all if you wanna have fun with your family or passengers, there is a spacious, classy and comfortable rear bench, thanks to Bad Ass.

We all know Polaris RZR tracks are paved with all manner of obstacles from rocks to trees and other crazy drivers. Imagine needing to change your tire but oops! You do not have a spare tire rack mount. It can be frustrating, to say the least. But you do not have to feel that kind of frustrating while at the peak of an exhilarating experience. Grab a spare tire short mount for your Polaris RZR from Bad Ass Unlimited Side x side.

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